Get lost in music,
not licensing.

Fully-licensed music made simple.

Music for Spaces

Rehegoo brings you music streaming and playlist curation to fill your physical space, with the freshest new undiscovered talent. We take care of all the licensing hassle for an affordable monthly price. Our industry-leading technologies curate the perfect custom music to drive powerful business results.

Music for Content

Library tracks and original compositions to elevate the effectiveness of your content with the right music, all for a simple one-off price. Whether you’re looking for music for a social video, advertisement or film production, Rehegoo has thousands of top quality music tracks to choose from.

Rehegoo for Artists

We discover and support the freshest undiscovered talent. We give them support, We give them tools. We help them grow and pay them fairly.  And when they’re ready, we bring their music to new fans.


Rehegoo Music UK
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9 Pembridge Rd,
London, W11 3JY, UK

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